About the Project - Go Vote

About the GoVote Project

While working on the upcoming documentary “VOTE HERE,” we realized that even before the film’s completion we wanted to inspire young people to register and VOTE. So the “GoVote Project” was created to spread the word through social media.

The “GoVote Project” is a non-political, non-partisan civic project with one goal in mind – Increase Youth voter Turnout in National, Statewide and Local Elections. Led by a team of dedicated filmmakers, multi-media professionals as well as a host of Generation Z’ers who live and breathe social media, our goal is to encourage people to register and VOTE, in large numbers - in Every Election.

Voting should be part of our cultural DNA - A Right of Passage

In 2014, the last Mid-Term Elections, just 15 percent of eligible voters between the ages of 18 and 20 cast ballots. In 1972, when the voting age was first lowered to 18, nearly 56 percent of eligible 18 to 20-year-olds voted. What happened?

The “GoVote Project” will feature the latest creative and collaborative ideas to motivate the electorate to vote and the role critical thinking plays in choosing candidates. It will also lead up to the release of the documentary, “VOTE HERE,” with excerpts and inspirational quotes from the film along with sharing the energy of a growing movement.

The film itself will show how voting rights have changed from the inception of the U.S to the present day. Included in “VOTE HERE” will be interviews with historians, politicians, journalists, judges, activists and voters themselves. Historic and contemporary footage and photographs will also be woven in and out of the film to emphasize the importance of voting and the necessity for Americans to have easy and equal access to exercise one of our most cherished and hard fought for rights.

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