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A Cast of Voices

Watch Youth Speak on the Importance of Voting

November 5, 2018

A Cast of Voices: Only Through Voting Will We See Change

It’s important to vote because unless you are making known what legislation you support and […]
November 5, 2018

A Cast of Voices: We Are The Generation Now

I think it’s important for young people to come out and vote because we are […]
October 31, 2018

Your Voice Matters!

We have learned the hard way that when you don’t give importance to your voice […]
October 24, 2018

A Cast of Voices: Young People Have the Power

October 24, 2018

A Cast of Voices: Voting for the First Time

I voted for the first time in the presidential election, and it was really, really […]
October 24, 2018

A Cast of Voices: Young people are Realizing that We Need Change

Young people are realizing that the change we want to see we have to create […]

About the GoVote Project

In 2014, the last Mid-Term Elections, just 15 percent of eligible voters between the ages of 18 and 20 cast ballots. In 1972, when the voting age was first lowered to 18, nearly 56 percent of eligible 18 to 20-year-olds voted.

The “GoVote Project” is a non-political, non-partisan civic project with one goal in mind – Increase Youth Voter Turnout in National, Statewide and Local Elections. Led by a team of dedicated filmmakers, multi-media professionals as well as a host of Generation Z’ers who live and breathe social media, our goal is to encourage people to register and VOTE, in large numbers - in Every Election.

The GoVote Project began during filming for the VOTE Here documentary and became it's own video project inspired by the youth we were meeting.